Month: October 2015

composition 328

vociferous lady
over the shadows ’round your eyes
i circle with galaxyarmlength wingspan
sensing life
hover i
in the thickstillness of your smitten stare

vociferous arms vociferous leg then vociferous other leg
ratatat that what
then bow it slowly (that what)
musicking the silence then a quarter rest half rest whole rest

you got the sky talking again the trees buzzing the passersby bobbing
you made the morning parade in
the night twirling batons
into the troposphere float batons: faster until they are circles
multitudinous until they are polka dots
higher until they sizzle into stars and quasars
streaking plaidlike at right angles

vociferous lips
lightly lipping my lips
lipsyncing the joyful cries of a thousand
wishing they had bodies or even limbs or even molecules or even quarks
knowing how i dig you how you dig me
FORTISSIMO pianississimo…

the million monarchs of myself
finding rest in your trees
overwintering overjoyed

having traveled farther than I know
knowing to travel farther

a myriad myriad disparate oranges
moving into and be moved into
one truest most massive orange

over smeared and obliterative last-nights
and disheveled impossible yesterdays

over star-flung last-nights and
perfectly intricate yesterdays

having ascended a mile up into bluest heights
and swayed on the tips of colorless weeds

the currents have brought me here
and my instincts have brought me here
and great-big invisible hands my tiny eyes can’t see
have brought me here

in the warmths of your canopy
I flitter and then cling

knowing I will survive and thrive
covering your every surface with life
overwintering then oversoaring

swarming up until even my shadows are fluttering
throwing my colors into the sky

lofted from your hands

© 2024 Travis Chaney

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