On May 5, 1996, I began my tournament Scrabble career.  Since then, I have played well over 1,000 rated games.  Click on the photo below to see my career statistics:





A reflective piece I wrote about three years ago about my career in tournament Scrabble



In an interview on Literary Ashland, I shared my thoughts about Scrabble with respect to linguistics.



In 2010 and 2011, I played in the World Scrabble Championship in Spanish in Costa Rica and Mexico City respectively.



I won 10 of my 21 games in the 2012 Spanish-language World Scrabble Championship (Campeonato Mundial)


Check out my

Scrabble pop art





Here are a few images from various games I’ve played, both in tournaments and informally:


2014-04-15 19.17.18


2014-06-14 12.29.50



Yeah, I played SAHORNADAS as a 10 through disconnected letters.




I underlapped PULIDOS under six letters of MATIZARES.











The above game is a variant of Scrabble called Clabbers