I am grey and blue sky
Shouts of sunshine between bouts of rain
Under it you popopen bigol’ umbrella
You put on shades
Walk along paths lined with flowers showered-on
Walk into clearings now shone-on

I am thundering and then dewing
Blazing and then sprinkling
Occasional unintended rainbows

Quietly, you pull up your hood

You there gamboling or moseying, spinning or strolling
Under it all, accepting it with love

Me roiling and puffing up into the pointed-at
The shaped-with-name
Sometimes heavy and deepest gray
Sometimes perfectly shining through that unimaginable black
Through that unimaginable blue
Into the unimaginable greens and reds of you

You quietly skippingly there or unmovingly there,
Wellies splashing or flipflops clopping
Love only the great wide outside can know