help me(,mama,)
be a hummingbird able to hover
suck nectar in a trance
flapping my wings so fast they can only be felt
small enough not to be heard
giant enough that the universe doesn’t exist without me
hold my hand
then let me go sometimes

watch me be a condor
able to eat death and be ugly

give me the strength to be the point of a goose V southward striving
show me how to be a few geese back
help me(,mama,)
be an albatross without making toomany shadows

i like that you are thirteen different parakeets
thirteen different colors
twentysix different sizes
i like that sometimes you are not even a parakeet

bring me a worm
make me dig my own

(i’m a)
rara avis
flightless bird
tern tern tern

(holy spirit come down in the form of a dove)